About Mack

     There's something infinitely fascinating about using a handful of tools to transform a few sticks into something beautiful that no one's ever seen before.  And when people react emotionally to what you've created, it's as thrilling and gratifying as making a thousand people laugh--which, as it turns out, I know something about as well. As a professional comedian and speaker for many years, I've appeared in quite a few well- known American TV shows,* and I still fly all over the country performing. But as soon as I get home from the airport and reconnect with my dear, supportive wife Teri,** I head to the shop to make sawdust.

      Near our home in Louisville, KY,  I discovered a place on the Ohio River that changed my life. The driftwood that washes ashore there by the ton provides more material and inspiration than I could transform into art in ten lifetimes. Some people like to turn driftwood into recognizable effigies--cars, people, animals. But the river sculpts and burnishes wood more beautifully than any craftsman ever could. My passion is giving that wood voice. Mostly, it says, "Look how exquisite I already am."

* Visit www.mackdryden.com for that story 

**Teri is a very accomplished artist whose work hangs in many impressive places: www.teridryden.com